Goldenspirits Candle Works specializes in handcrafting the finest quality paraffin, soy, and beeswax candles available. We offer a vareity of shapes and sizes. Some of our most popular sizes include pillars, cubes, ovals, and scallops. We use pure essential oils and fragrance oils for our scents.


Handmade, scented, And unscented, All Natural.

cubes ovals pillars candlesOur handcrafted candles are made with the industries finest available materials.  We use raw beeswax, pure food grade paraffin and all natural botanical design materials.  Essential Oils and fragrance oils are added to create the superior quality that candle connoisseurs have come to appreciate. Our goal is to make a candle elegant in design and color, with a long, clean burn.


Color Pallets

These are elegant, sophisticated candles in a variety of beautiful colors, sizes and scents. We love creating them, our friends and customers love receiving them, and we hope you can take a moment to view our products and enjoy them as well.